Sanbot Headquarters - Manufacturing Facility & Showroom

Shenzhen is the centre of manufacturing of most of the robots that we see in the world today so it was with great interest that led me to the manufacturing plant where Sanbot is actually made. There are nearly 300 people working in the mass production facility. Whilst this is in itself quite impressive, more so are the 500 employees based in their head office working in the sales and marketing hub of this extraordinary Company.

The manufacturing process is incredibly regimented and is also very impressive. What struck me as the most interesting part of the whole operation was the care and attention paid to the quality control at every stage of the operation.

It is no wonder that the quality of the hardware is so good. It is checked again and again before it leaves the production facility. Here are some images of Sanbots at the end of the production line waiting to be shipped.

Here are Sanbots being tested and waiting to be approved for shipment.

Sanbots finished and in the very elegant showroom ready for purchase and for hire.