Young children absolutely adore Sanbot. We have brought Sanbot to life as a teacher to give children the most inspiring way to learn. Sanbot can teach your children everything they need from the School Curriculum to ensure that they have the most fun when learning. Sanbot is also the perfect complimentary robot for teaching children with learning disabilities and special needs.

Our educational software for nursery schools include the following:

Learning Shapes With Sanbot

Learning ABC With Sanbot

Learning Numbers With Sanbot



Here are just some of the software titles available on Sanbot:


  • Learn ABC With Sanbot
  • Learn Numbers With Sanbot
  • Learn Shapes With Sanbot
  • Learn Words With Sanbot
  • Learn To Tell The Time With Sanbot
  • Learn Simple Addition With Sanbot
  • Storytime With Sanbot


Robots And Autism

It is a proven fact that children with autism respond magnificently well to visuals. Written work can sometimes prove to be too overwhelming and can lead to information overload that often leads to frustration. Children with autism are very literal, so we have insured that any instructions with our software have been kept simple, precise, easy to understand to minimise confusion.

We have developed our software as native android applications that are easily accessed from Sanbot and require no IT skills to operate.