Sanbot Wow Factor!

Let Sanbot control any application on your screen!

Whilst Sanbot is in itself a clever little robot, we have really brought Sanbot to life and enabled some really cool functionality to give your Company event a real wow factor! There is nobody other than Sanbot controlling anything.

Imagine being able to talk to a robot and control any screen of any size. Sanbot can do an entire presentation on stage controlling each powerpoint slide and talking about each slide. On voice command Sanbot can also show a video, image, excel spreadsheet, word document, powerpoint, PDF or video. In fact Sanbot can open anything on the screen. Here is a short video clip to show you Sanbot in action. Sanbot can deliver a keynote speech at your event!


Your Own Branded Sanbot

Why not have your own branded robot for your corporate office. We are now able to offer your own branded Sanbot for your events and trade shows, or even your reception area!


Face Recognition

Sanbot is able to recognise any human face and refer to them by their name!

Sanbot Waitress Service

Sanbot can add a real wow factor to your event by acting as a waitress to serve drinks at a reception. We have adapted a tray to hold shot glasses for your guests!

Sanbot For Care Homes

Sanbot can look after residents in a care home. Unique in-built features include an emergency help button, facial recognition for data protection, reminder to take medication, message alerts from family and friends and instant video calling directly from the robot!

Sanbot Chatbot

Chat with Sanbot about almost anything! Our unique chatbot software turns Sanbot in to a unique chatbot!